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Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss, fine or thinning hair? Over 20 million women suffer from hair loss, 10 million under the age of 40! Estimates say another 40 million suffer from "problem hair". This is hair that is fine, sparse or just will not grow to any appreciable length. Whether you are in a transition phase or have been thinning for some time, I can offer you solutions to your problem.

Women’s hair loss is nothing new nor is it more prevalent than it was 50 years ago. Hair loss in women varies greatly, from just a little thin on top to thinning over the entire scalp. The majority of women losing their hair are just that, thinning, not bald. There are times a woman may lose all of her hair but in general, womens’ hair tends to become thin. For most women, the cause of thinning hair is hormone related. Please see causes of womens hair loss page for more detailed information. For example, some women experience thinning in the front area. Others experience diffused hair loss throughout the entire top of the head. Whatever the pattern, there is a solution for you.

The majority of women don’t need a full coverage wig. Not only is it unnecessary, they’re not the best solution. Big, bulky machine made wigs are usually made with synthetic hair. Why cover the hair you have or receive more hair than you need? The idea is simple ~ Use your existing hair as much as possible, using more hair to fill in and around the natural growing hair. Using quality human hair is a key factor in creating the most natural look.

High quality human hair that blends with your natural hair. It bends & curls just like your natural hair. There are several techniques to filling in the thin areas, using only as much hair needed to create a full head of hair. I have found the hair integration system is the most versatile solution. Hair extensions can be very hard on fine or weak hair but are also a versatile solution.

Creating more hair is a hair addition process. This allows existing hair to be utilized instead of covered. Using less hair to fill in only the areas needed, your style will be just what you want, no more. You’ll be able to achieve the appearance you’re most happy with. Once you make the decision, the rest is easy. And all you need to do to end your concerns about thinning hair is give me a call. I will be happy to walk you thru the process, step by step until we find the solution that is right for you.

I realize you may be hesitant but making that phone call is the first step in finding a solution that you’re comfortable with. So please, call and let’s talk about what I can do for you to feel confident about your hair.



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