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No Contracts ----- No Minimum ----- No Bull

There are a number of reasons that can cause hair loss. Heredity, hormone imbalances, drug reactions. This can be quite hard to accept for some. Thank goodness there's a simple solution.

I won't try to dazzle you with technical catch phrases. It's all the same , unless you're doing surgery. There are different designs, materials, hair & other factors, which is where my years of experience will set you apart from the big commercial operations. Providing non surgical, non invasive solutions over 30 years. . Never any contracts or minimum service requirements. One size does not fit all. There can be several options for hair replacement. Through the years I've encountered many different problems & strive to find the solution that works best, for you.

I prefer using human hair, synthetic hair is also an option. Top of the head to full cap, the design is always customized, filling in no more than what's needed. Design, hair quality & cutting the hair are the qualities that set my work apart. Working in the hair replacement industry for over 30 years, my experience & artistry will help you achieve your perfect look. I love helping people with what can be a very hard issue. The shop is private, so no worries there either.


Whether you wear hair now or are looking for help with hair loss, I will always do what is best for you. Give me a call, we'll figure this out together ...




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