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Haircuts - Tired of getting the haircut you don’t want? Interpreting your vision & creating what works for you is the goal here. Each client deserves a consultation. Doing this ensures you leave the studio with exactly what you want.

Business cuts - From classic styles to today’s trends, always look your best.

Clipper cuts - Clipper cutting is one of the most difficult haircutting methods to master. Trained in clipper cutting, all work is done freestyle, no comb attachments used. Every cut is tailored to each client, no cookie cutter styles here!

Beard/Moustache Shaping – Another lost art! Keep your facial hair groomed & attractive. All work done freehand and tailored.

Texturizing - Sometimes the difference between a good cut & one that falls just right. A lot of styles today require texturizing. That does not mean taking thinning shears to your hair nor does it mean hacking your hair. Texturizing is an art. If your hair looks chopped, it probably is.

* Thinning shears are not texture & can ruin a haircut, taking months to grow out

* Razors can be used on very coarse hair, or sometimes to control unwanted curl. Some cuts require a razored look, but I prefer to do that with my shears.

Colour - Basically there are 3 different types of hair colour

 * Hi Lift - High volume lift to achieve blondes, lifting 4-7 shades

* No Lift - This colour will gradually fade out of your hair. This process does not change your natural hair colour, which means there is no line of demarcation. There are exceptions to this rule, usually when going darker than your natural hair colour.

 * Low to HiLift – Depending on the amount of lift needed, 10 to 40 volume developer is added                       to permanent colour to achieve desired result.

* Bleach – Will lift most all the colour from your hair. Bleaching hair usually requires a second process called toning to give hair the colour & tone desired.

AlfaParf Evolution of the Colour & Colour Wear are the the two colours used in my salon. Micro-crystalline pigment or colour molecules allow the colour to penetrate deeper into the hair. The result is a deeper, richer colour.

Perms - When permanent waving hair, the process breaks down the original bonds inside the hair structure with chemicals. This look can also be achieved with wet hair & a little gel, it’s just not permanent. Perms & body waves do pretty much the same thing, bigger curl rods are used for a body wave. Some body waves aren’t as strong as a perm, but they also don’t last as long. Texture waves will last 6-8 weeks.
Not all hair is a candidate for perming. Once hair has been processed with chemicals, depending on the process & frequency, it may not be able to take a process such as perming. As well, if very fine hair is permed, it tends to frizz more than curl. My recommendation for very fine hair that has had trouble with perming in the past is a good cut. I personally won’t perm fine hair.

Straightening – There are several types of straightening processes for hair

*Lye – This has been the only option since I can remember & quite caustic. Once this is done to your hair, you must wait 3 weeks to colour. In addition, once this process is done, my opinion is it’s best to not put any other chemicals on your hair.

* Permanent straightening – New in the chemical processes, this is the cadillac of  hair taming. It is not lye based & is much gentler on hair. I use Surface Smoothing Treatment. I am able to do a smoothing bath, which keeps the curl but eliminate the frizz & volume or a full blown permanent straightening. The bath lasts 4-6 weeks but the permanent is just that.  Once this process is done to your hair, approximately twice a year the roots need to be re-straightened. Hair that is curly, wavy or coarse is greatly improved by permanent straightening. If your hair tends to break from its natural texture, this process will smooth those unruly tresses. Many clients have been able to grow their hair longer than ever. This is an amazing process! Once you had this process done to your hair, you’ll never go back!

* Brazilian Blowout – I will admit I don’t know much about this process. When reading the instructions & it said, you & client will now need to wear a mask, I put it down & never picked it back up. From what I have seen, it doesn’t actually straighten your hair, it melts keratin onto the  surface of the hair. I’ve had clients tell me they still need to use a straightening iron.

Products - All product sold here are 100% guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are not diverted, diluted or old product that has outlived its shelf life and sold to the chain grocery/pharmacy stores

I currently recommend & sell Pureology

Hair Replacement - Baldness, male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, fine/thinning hair, alopecia?

I have been helping people with these issues for over 25 years now. Please check out the hair replacement link. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.



In the past few years professional products have appeared more & more in drug stores, grocery stores & one stop shopping stores. Professional products are only guaranteed when purchased in a salon. Most of what you find in these places is old, outdated product. Please do not buy professional product from anyone but a professional stylist. It is “diverted” product sold illegally through unsavory distributors. It’s part of how we make our living, please support your hairdresser, not the big box stores.



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